Create groups of server or desktop operating systems
Assign applications and desktops to users
Grant user access to resources
Assign and transfer permissions
Obtain and track Citrix licenses
Configure StoreFront
All available Virtual Desktop Applications (VDA) are listed in the Studio. From the VDA list, select the
application you would like to publish. Information displayed in the Studio is received from the Broker
Service in the Controller.
About VMware Horizon View Manager
VMware View is an enterpriseclass virtual desktop manager that securely connects authorized users to
centralized virtual desktops. It provides a complete, endtoend solution that improves control and
manageability and provides a familiar desktop experience. Client software securely connects users to
centralized virtual desktops, back-end physical systems or terminal servers.
NOTE: For more information, on installing and configuring View Manager, go to VMware Website.
VMware View includes the following key components:
View Connection Server: A software service that acts as an intermediate for client connections by
authenticating and then directing incoming remote desktop user requests to the appropriate virtual
desktop, physical desktop or terminal server.
View Agent: A software service that is installed on all guest virtual machines, physical systems or
terminal servers. View Manager manages this software. The agent provides features such as Remote
Desktop Connection monitoring, virtual printing, remote USB support and single sign-on.
View Client: It is locally installed software application that communicates with View Connection
Server, to allow users to connect to their desktops using Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection.
View Portal: A component is similar to View Client but provides a View user interface through a web
browser. It is supported on multiple operating systems and browsers.
View Administrator: A component provides View administration through a web browser. View
administrators use it to do the following:
Make configuration settings.
Manage virtual desktops and entitlements of desktops of Windows users and groups.
View Administrator also provides an interface to monitor log events and is installed with View
Connection Server.
View Composer: To allow View Manager to rapidly deploy multiple linked clone desktops from a
single centralized base image, View Composer software service is installed on the Virtual Center
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