160 Working Directory for a
163 SNMP Trap server IP Address list Optional
164 SNMP Set Community Optional
165 Remote Desktop Connection
startup published applications
168 Name of the server of the virtual
186 WDM sever list IP addresses of WDM Server. If
tag 194 is specified, then defining
this tag is not mandatory.
190 WDM secure port Optional number, word, or two-
bytes array. Specifies to use
HTTPS to communicate with
WDM instead of HTTP
192 WDM server port Specifies HTTP (non-secure)
communication with WDM.
194 WDM server FQDN Optional. If this tag is specified,
then defining tag 186 is not
NOTE: For more information on configuring a DHCP server, see http://www.microsoft.com.
Domain Name System (DNS)
Thin client devices accept valid DNS names registered on a DNS server available to the enterprise
intranet. The thin client device sends a query to DNS server on the network for name to IP resolution.
DNS allows hosts to be access by their registered DNS names rather than their IP address.
Every Windows DNS server in Windows 2000 and later includes Dynamic DNS (DDNS) and every server
registers dynamically with the DNS server. For DHCP entry of DNS domain and server location
information, see Using Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP).
About Citrix Studio
Citrix Studio is a software program that enables you to configure and manage your personalized desktops
and applications. It provides an easy end-user computing experience across all devices and networks
while delivering optimal performance, better security, and improved personalization.
NOTE: For more information about installing and configuring the Citrix Studio, go to Citrix Website.
Citrix Studio consists of various wizards, that allows you to perform the following tasks:
Publish virtual applications
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