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Unified Write Filter (UWF) Details: You can use Unified Write Filter (UWF) to protect your storage media.
UWF intercepts all write attempts to a protected volume and redirects those write attempts to a virtual
overlay. This improves the reliability and stability of your device and reduces the wear on write-sensitive
media, such as flash memory media like solid-state drives. In UWF, an overlay is a virtual storage space
that saves changes made to the underlying protected volumes. UWF intercepts all modifications to any
sector on a protected volume. A sector is the smallest unit that can be changed on a storage volume. Any
time the file system attempts to modify a protected sector, UWF instead copies the sector from the
protected volume to the overlay and then modifies the overlay instead. If an application attempts to read
from that sector, UWF returns the data from the overlay instead, so that the system maintains the
appearance of having written to the volume, while the volume remains unchanged.
It is recommended that Write Filter is enabled during normal use of thin clients. It should be
disabled only by administrator while making necessary changes. Extended use with write filters
disabled can reduce the life of your flash drive. It is a good practice to enable write filter to
ensure device security.
Running Unified Write Filter Command – Line Options
There are several command lines you can use to control the Unified Write Filter. Command–line
arguments cannot be combined.
Use the following guidelines for the command–line option for the Unified Write Filter. You can also use
the commands if you open Command Prompt window with elevated privilege by entering command in
the Run box:
With no command-line options— Displays the command help.
uwfmgr filter enable
Enables the Unified Write Filter after the next system restart. The Unified Write Filter status icon is
green when the Unified Write Filter is enabled.
uwfmgr filter disable
Disables the Unified Write Filter after the next system restart. The Unified Write Filter status icon
remains red while disabled.
uwfmgr file commit C: <file_path>
Commits changes to a specified file to overlay for a Unified Write Filter-protected volume.
Administrator-level permissions are required to use this command.
The <file> parameter must be fully qualified, including the volume and path. UWFMGR.EXE uses the
volume specified in the <file> parameter to determine which volume contains the file exclusion list for
the file. There is a single space between volume name and file_path. For example, to commit a file C:
\Program Files\temp.txt the command would be uwfmgr commit C: \Program Files\temp.txt.
uwfmgr file add-exclusion C: <file_or_dir_path>
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