Setting Region
To select your regional formats including keyboard and Windows Display languages, use the Region
dialog box.
To select your regional formats:
1. Log in as an Administrator.
2. On the Start Menu, click All appsControl PanelRegion.
The Region dialog box is displayed.
3. In the Formats tab, you can format the language, date and time.
a. Further to make additional formats, click Additional Settings.
The Customize Format window is displayed.
Numbers, Currency, Time and Date are formatted.
b. Click OK after customizing.
4. In the Location tab, you are provided with additional content for a particular location such as news
and weather.
5. In the Administrative tab, you can change system locale and copy settings.
Managing User Accounts
To manage users and groups, use the User Accounts window.
To open the User Accounts window:
1. Log in as an Admin.
2. On the Start menu, click All appsControl PanelUser Accounts.
For more information on using the User Accounts window, see Managing Users and Groups with
User Accounts.
Applying Configuration Files using WCM Client
You can use the WCM Client to apply configuration files created by Dell Wyse Configuration Manager
(WCM), to the thin client.
To open the WCM window:
1. Log in as an Admin.
2. On the Start menu, click All appsControl PanelWCM.
The WCM window is displayed. WCM provides a simple solution to create and apply configuration
files to thin clients. For more information on using WCM, see Administrators Guide: Wyse
Configuration Manager. The WCM Administrator’s guide is available on the Dell Wyse Support Site.
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