Admin Specific Features
Admin is a default user profile created for the user who is a member of the Administrator group.
To log in as an Admin, see Automatic and Manual Logon. When you log in to your thin client device as an
Admin, you can access certain notable extended features in the Control Panel.
To access Control Panel, on the taskbar, click Start MenuAll appsControl Panel.
Users can configure some of the features such as dual monitor display settings. Administrators can
use the Unified Write Filter to modify thin client device configurations to persist after a thin client
device reboot.
You can perform the following functions as an Admin:
Use the Administrative Tools. See Using the Administrative Tools.
Use the BitLocker Drive Encryption. See Using TPM and BitLocker.
Configure Bluetooth Connections. See Configuring Bluetooth Connections.
Configure wireless local area network settings. See Configuring Wireless Local Area Network Settings.
Use custom fields. See Using Custom Fields.
Configure the RAM Disk size. See Configuring RAMDisk Size.
Enabling Auto Logon. See Enabling Auto Logon.
Accessing System Shortcuts. See Using System Shortcuts.
View and configure SCCM components. See Viewing and Configuring SCCM-WEDM Components.
Add Devices and Printers. See Adding Devices and Adding Printers.
Configure Dual Monitor Display. See Configuring Dual Monitor Display.
Manage audio and audio devices. See Using the Sound Dialog Box and Using the Realtek HD Audio
Select language preferences. See Setting Region and Language preferences.
Manage User Accounts. See Managing Users and Groups with User Accounts.
Configure the WCM Client. See Applying Configuration Files using WCM Client.
Configure WDM Properties. See Using WDM.
Scan and protect your computer against spyware and malware. See Using Windows Defender.
NOTE: You can calibrate and customize the settings for a touch screen monitor connected to, or
integrated with the thin client. Each touch screen can have its own requirements for drivers such as
Microsoft touch drivers.
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