* Speed
* Address Width
* Data Width
Under the Memory/Storage category, the following attributes are listed:
* RAM Memory
* Flash
* System Partition
Under the BIOS category, the following attributes are listed:
* Version
* Manufacturer
Under the Network category, the following attribute is listed:
* MAC (IP Address)
Under the User category, the following attributes are listed:
* User
* Domain
QFE— Displays the list of Microsoft QFEs (previously known as hot fixes) applied to the thin client
Installed Products — Displays the list of applications that are installed on the thin client device.
WDM Packages — Displays the list of WDM Packages that have been applied to the thin client. For
more information, see WDM software for Remote Administration .
Copyrights/Patents — Displays copyrights and patents information.
When logged in as an administrator, you can view the tabs such as Custom Fields, RAM disk, Auto
Logon, System Shortcuts, and About and Support on the Dell Thin Client Application page. For more
information about using these options, see Admin Specific Features. In the About and Support tab, you
can view the information related to the Application Version, Support Directory, Export support data and
HTML view.
NOTE: The information shown in the dialog box varies for different thin client devices and software
When you log in as a user, only few tabs such as Client Information, QFE, Installed Products, WDM
Packages, Copyrights/Patents and About and Support are displayed.
Configuring Citrix Receiver Session Services
Citrix Receiver is a server-based computing technology that separates the logic of an application from its
user interface. The Citrix Receiver client software installed on the thin client device allows the user to
interact with the application GUI, while all of the application processes are executed on the server.
Citrix Receiver session services can be made available on the network using either Windows 2008/2012
Server with Terminal Services and one of the following installed:
XenDesktop 7.5
XenDesktop 7.6
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