Dell Wyse WF Enable
In addition to the Standard Desktop Icons, an extended set of resources for configuring user preference
settings and system administration is included in the administrator Control Panel. To open Control Panel,
click Start MenuAll appsControl Panel. For more information, see Admin Specific Features.
Using the Start Menu
The Start Menu helps you to access all programs, folders and settings on your thin client. It contains a list
of applications that are installed on your thin client.
To open the Start Menu:
1. Log in as an Admin.
2. Click the Start Menu button in the lower-left corner of the screen.
NOTE: You can also open the Start menu by pressing the Windows logo key on your keyboard.
3. From the Start Menu, you can use the following options to navigate through the available
applications or configure the settings:
File Explorer— File Explorer has a new Quick Access view. Whenever you open a file browser
window, you can view the list of frequent folders.
Settings—Use this option to open the Settings window and configure some common Windows
settings. The available settings are:
System — To configure the Display, Notifications, apps and power settings.
Devices — To configure the Bluetooth, Printer and mouse settings.
Network and Internet — To configure the Wi-Fi, airplane mode and VPN settings.
Personalization — To configure the Background, lock screen and colors settings.
Accounts — To configure your account settings.
Time and Language — To configure the speech, region and date settings.
Ease of Access — To configure the Narrator, magnifier and high contrast settings.
Privacy — To configure the location and camera settings.
Power — You can sleep, restart or turn off your thin client. For more information, see Logging
Off: Power State Options.
All Apps — Click All Apps to view full list of your applications and programs.
NOTE: On the Start Menu, you can view the list of frequently used applications under Most
Using the Search Box
Use the search box on the taskbar to look for applications, files or settings on your Windows.
The Search box helps you find things and information on your Windows. To use the Search box:
1. Type what you are searching for in the search box on the taskbar.
2. In My stuff, you can find results for files, applications or settings across your thin client.
The suggestions and results related to your searched item is displayed in the My Stuff home.
3. Click the result to open the application or file you searched for.
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