Important: The Windows icon on the taskbar is the start menu button.
To log on as a different user or administrator:
1. Click Start MenuUser Sign Out to log off the current desktop.
2. Click anywhere on the lock screen to view the logon window.
3. You can view the user accounts list on the left-lower corner of your screen. Click the preferred user
account and then enter the logon credentials.
Administrators — The default username is Admin and default case-sensitive Password is
Users — The default username is User and default case-sensitive Password is DellCCCvdi.
Customized User— Log in to your thin client by entering the user credentials which you have set
for the customized user account.
If automatic logon is not enabled, the logon window displays when you boot the thin client device. You
can log in using the options mentioned in step 2.
NOTE: If auto logon is enabled and you log off from your current desktop, the lock screen is
displayed. Click anywhere on the lock screen to view the Logon window. Use this window to log in
to your preferred admin or user account.
Using Your Desktop
Based on admin configurations, you are able to view the thin client desktop after logging on.
The Thin Client Admin Desktop typically consists of the following:
Admin Taskbar — It includes,
The Start Menu button
The Search box
Quick Launch Bar icons
Task View
Notification area in the extreme right of the taskbar
NOTE: On the extreme right of the taskbar, click the New notifications icon to open the
Action Center window. For more information about the Action Center, see Using Action
Standard Desktop Icons — It includes
Citrix Receiver
Dell Thin Client Application
Remote Desktop Connection
Internet Explorer
VMware Horizon Client
Dell Wyse WF Disable
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