Getting Started
This section describes the activities that you can perform to start using your thin client device. You can
also find information related to the available desktop features. When you boot your thin client device for
the first time, what you see on the desktop depends on the administrator configurations. You can log in
to the thin client device as a user or an administrator. Administrator can configure a user account to log
on automatically or manually by entering the login credentials.
To get started using your thin client device, see:
Automatic and Manual Logon
Before Configuring your thin clients
Using Your Desktop
Using the Start Menu
Using the Search Box
Using Action Center
Grouping Applications into Desktops
Connecting to a Printer or an External Device
Connecting to a monitor
Logging Off
Logging On
Whatever we view during the turn on or during the reboot of thin client device depends on the
administrators configuration. After creating user account, an administrator can configure a user account
to log on automatically or require manual logon with user credentials.
For more information, see Managing Users and Groups with User Accounts
Be sure to disable the Unified Write Filter (UWF) before you change a password on the thin
client, and then enable the UWF after your change. For more information, see Before
Configuring your thin clients.
To change the password, hold CTRL+ALT+DEL key combination, and then click Change a
password. However, this feature is not applicable for User accounts.
Automatic and Manual logon
When the user starts the thin client, the user will automatically log on to the user desktop by default.
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