3. In the Setup a new connection or network window, select Manually Connect to Wireless Network,
and then click Next.
4. In the dialog box, enter the following:
Network Name
Security type
Encryption type
Security key: Depending on the authentication the security key is entered.
5. Select the Start this connection automatically check box.
6. On the taskbar, select the Open network and sharing session and the name of the network which
you entered is displayed.
7. Select Connect.
8. You can also view the network available and directly connect from the Open network and sharing
session on the taskbar of the Thin Client Administrator Desktop.
Using Custom Fields
To enter configuration strings for use by the WDM software, use the Custom Fields dialog box. The
configuration strings can contain information such as location, user, administrator and so on.
To enter the information for use by the WDM server:
1. Log in as an Admin.
2. On the Start Menu, click All apps, and then click Dell Thin Client Application.
The Dell Client Application window is displayed.
3. On the left navigation bar, click Custom Fields.
4. Type the custom field information in the custom field boxes and click Apply.
The custom field information is transferred to the Windows registry which is then available to the
WDM server.
To permanently save the information, be sure to disable/enable the Unified Write Filter (UWF).
For more information, see Before Configuring your thin clients.
For more information on using WDM for remote administration and thin client software
upgrade, see Using WDM.
For details on Custom Field information, see the WDM documentation.
Configuring the RAM Disk Size
RAM Disk is a volatile memory space used for temporary data storage. It makes up the Z drive in the My
Computer window. It can also be used for temporary storage of other data according to administrator
discretion. For more information, see Saving Files and Using Local Drives.
The following items are stored on RAM Disk:
Browser web page cache
Browser history
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