If you find that the Unified Write Filter cache is filling up, you can disable Bitmap caching in
the Experience tab after clicking Show Options in the window.
e. In the Advanced tab, select the action to be taken when the server authentication fails and
configure settings for connection through Remote Gateway.
4. Click Connect.
5. Enter the login credentials for connecting to the remote session in the Security dialog box.
The remote desktop is displayed with the connection bar on the top if you select the Display the
connection bar option in step 3 b.
Using VMware Horizon Client to Connect to a Virtual
VMware Horizon client is a locally installed software application that communicates between View
Connection Server and Thin Client OS. It provides access to centrally hosted virtual desktops from your
thin clients.
VMware session services can be made available on the network after you install the VMware Horizon 6. It
provides virtualized or hosted desktops and applications through a single platform to end users.
To connect to a virtual desktop, use the VMware Horizon Client window.
To open and use the VMware Horizon Client window:
1. Log in as a user or administrator.
2. Access the VMware Horizon Client window using one of the following options:
On the Start Menu, click All appsVMwareVMware Horizon Client.
Double-click the VMware Horizon Client icon on the desktop.
The VMware Horizon Client window is displayed.
3. In the VMware Horizon Client window, use the following guidelines:
a. To add a new server connection, either click the New Server option or double-click the Add
Server icon in the VMware Horizon Client window.
The VMware Horizon Client dialog box is displayed.
b. In the VMware Horizon Client dialog box, type a host name or an IP address of a VMware
Horizon Connection Server in the connection server box.
c. Click Connect.
d. In the Login dialog box, enter the user name and login password in the respective boxes.
e. From the Domain drop-down list, select the domain where the server is located.
f. Click Login.
The VMware Horizon Client connects to the selected desktop. After connection is established,
the list of published desktop is displayed.
g. Right-click the particular application or desktop icon, and then click Launch to connect to that
application or desktop.
For more information, refer to VMware Horizon Client documentation on www.vmware.com .
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