Viewing Client Information
To view information about the thin client device, use the Dell Thin Client Application window. Click Start
All appsDell Thin Client Application to open the dialog box. You can also access the Dell Thin
Client Application window by double-clicking the Dell Thin Client Application icon on the Desktop.
To view the thin client device information, click Client information in the left navigation pane and use the
following options:
Client Information— Displays the following thin client device information:
Product Name
Product ID
Model Name
Product Version
Windows Embedded Version
– Manufacturer
Hardware Rev
OS Name
Serial Number
– Website
– Website
Localized Language
Product Activation Status
– Name
– Speed
Address Width
Data Width
RAM Memory
– Flash
System Partition
BIOS Version
BIOS Manufacturer
MAC (IP Address)
– User
User Domain
Important: The Product Activation Status is displayed as Windows Not Activated, even though
you have completed the Product activation. However, MS System property displays the correct
activation status.
Installed Products — Displays the list of applications that are installed on the thin client device.
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