Accessible Applications
When you log in to your thin client as a User, the Windows desktop displays certain notable extended
features in the All apps menu.
You can perform the following activities:
To browse the internet, use Internet Explorer. See Browsing the Internet with Internet Explorer.
View client information. See Viewing Client Information.
Configure Citrix Receiver session services. See Configuring Citrix Receiver Session Services.
Configure remote desktop connections. See Configuring Remote Desktop Connection Session
Configuring the VMware Horizon Client. See Using VMware Horizon Client to connect to a Virtual
NOTE: Keyboard Caps Lock Indicator Application — Dell Keyboard driver software (KM632) is
included in this release. This software provides Caps Lock status indication on the desktop. After
you log in to your thin client, when you press the Caps Lock key to enable the Caps Lock
feature, the lock symbol is displayed on the desktop. Again, if you press the Caps Lock key to
disable the Caps Lock feature, the unlock symbol is displayed on the desktop.
Browsing the Internet with Internet Explorer 11
To open Internet Explorer 11, follow either of the tasks mentioned here:
On the Start Menu, click All Apps, and then click Internet Explorer.
Click the Internet Explorer icon on the desktop.
Internet Explorer has internet option settings that are preselected at the factory to limit writing
to disk. These settings prevent exhaustion of the limited amount of disk space available and you
should not modify these settings.
The protected mode status of the internet Explorer is Off. This is because User Access Control
(UAC) is enabled by default. However, UAC notifies you before changes are made to your client,
that you require administrator-level permission. The Unified Write Filter (UWF) contained in the
build continues to protect your system. For more information, see Before Configuring your thin
Internet Explorer (IE) cache settings are 100 MB. Temporary internet files, cache, history
locations are set to drive C instead of drive Z to support IE 11 completely.
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