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Using the [Motion Picture] Menu
For details on [Motion Picture] menu settings, refer to P40.
Applicable modes:
This sets up the picture quality of motion pictures.
What is bit rate
This is the volume of data for a definite period of time, and the quality becomes higher when the
number gets bigger. This unit is using the “VBR” recording method. “VBR” is an abbreviation of
“Variable Bit Rate”, and the bit rate (volume of data for definite period of time) is changed
automatically depending on the subject to record. Therefore, the recording time is shortened when a
subject with fast movement is recorded.
Applicable modes:
It will continually keep on focusing on a subject for which the focus was once set.
Settings: [ON]/[OFF]
Set this function to [OFF] if you wish to fix the focus on the position where you started the motion
picture recording.
The setting is fixed to [OFF] in the following case.
[Starry Sky] (Scene Mode)
[Rec Quality]
Settings Picture size/Bit rate fps Aspect ratio
[HD] 1280k720 pixels/Approx. 10 Mbps 25 16:9
[VGA] 640k480 pixels/Approx. 4 Mbps 4:3
[Continuous AF]
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