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Applicable modes:
When Red-Eye Reduction ([ ], [ ]) is selected, Red-Eye Removal is performed
whenever the flash is used. The camera automatically detects red-eye and corrects the picture.
Settings: [ON]/[OFF]
Only available when [AF Mode] is set to [š] and Face Detection is active.
Under certain circumstances, red-eye cannot be corrected.
Applicable modes:
Using this mode, jitter during picture taking is detected, and the camera automatically
compensates for the jitter, enabling jitter-free images to be taken.
When recording motion pictures, “Active Mode” (stabiliser for motion pictures) will automatically
function. This decreases the jitter of the image when recording motion pictures while walking,
Settings: [ON]/[OFF]
During motion picture recording, this setting is fixed to [ON] and “Active Mode” is enabled.
Note that “Active Mode” is disabled when [Rec Quality] is set to [VGA].
In “Active Mode”, stronger effect of the correction can be achieved at the wide end.
The stabiliser function may not be effective in the following cases.
Be careful of camera jitter when you press the shutter button.
When there is a lot of jitter
When the zoom magnification is high
In Digital Zoom range
When taking pictures while following a moving subject
When the shutter speed becomes slower to take pictures indoors or in dark places
The setting is fixed to [OFF] in the following case.
[Starry Sky] (Scene Mode)
[Red-Eye Removal]
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