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Applicable modes:
Sets various colour effects, including making the picture sharper, brighter, or applying a sepia
¢1 This can be set only when Intelligent Auto Mode is set.
¢2 This can be set only during Normal Picture Mode.
Applicable modes:
Refer to P68 for details.
Applicable modes:
AF assist lamp will illuminate the subject when the shutter button is pressed halfway, making it
easier for the camera to focus when recording in low light conditions. (Larger AF area is
displayed depending on the recording conditions.)
Settings: [ON]/[OFF]
The effective distance of the AF Assist Lamp is a maximum of approximately
1.5 m (4.9 feet).
When you do not want to use the AF Assist Lamp A (e.g. when taking pictures
of animals in dark places), set the [AF Assist Lamp] to [OFF]. In this case, it will
become more difficult to focus on the subject.
[AF Assist Lamp] is fixed to [OFF] in the following cases.
[Scenery]/[Night Scenery]/[Sunset]/[Glass Through] (Scene Mode)
[Color Mode]
Settings Description of settings
[STANDARD] This is the standard setting.
[Happy]¢1Image with enhanced brightness and vividness.
[VIVID]¢2The picture becomes sharper.
[B&W] The picture becomes black and white.
[SEPIA] The picture becomes sepia.
[Color Reproduction]
[AF Assist Lamp]
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