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Pictures taken in [Time Lapse Shot] are stored in groups, each containing
the series of pictures recorded in a single Time Lapse Shot. The [ ] icon
is displayed for the group.
Deleting and editing in a group unit is possible. (For example, if you delete a
picture group with [ ], all the pictures in that group are deleted.)
Continuously playing back
Press 2/1 to select a picture with the [ ] icon, and then press 3.
If you have filtered images for playback by using [Slide Show] (P99)
or [Filtering Play] (P101), the
selection screen appears. Press 3/4 to select [Sequential Play], and then press [MENU/SET].
Operations during continuous playback
Playing back each picture
1Press 2/1 to select a picture with the [ ] icon, and then press 4.
2Press 2/1 to select the picture.
Press 4 again to return to the normal playback screen.
Operations similar to those for Normal Play can be used on the pictures in the group. (Multi
playback, playback zoom, deleting the pictures, etc.)
If you delete all pictures except one in the group, that picture will be saved as a single picture.
Playing back pictures taken in [Time Lapse Shot]
2Fast rewind, Previous picture¢
1Fast forward, Next picture¢
¢These operations can be performed only in the Pause Mode.
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