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2Press 3/4 to select [Start Shooting] and then press [MENU/SET].
3Press the shutter button fully.
The recording starts automatically.
If the recording interval is set to 40 seconds or more, this unit will turn off automatically while in
recording standby. [Time Lapse Shot] is continued even with this unit turned off. When the
recording start time arrives, this unit turns on automatically. To turn on this unit manually, press
the camera [ON/OFF] button or press and hold [(].
To stop the Time Lapse Shooting partway through, press [MENU/SET] or [(] while this unit
turned on, and end the recording on the displayed confirmation screen.
This function is not for use in a security camera.
If you leave the unit somewhere to perform [Time Lapse Shot], please be careful of theft.
Recording for long periods in cold places such as ski resorts or places at high altitude, or in
warm, wet environments may cause a malfunction, so please be careful.
When the recording interval is set to a value of less than 1 minute and the previous recording has
not finished yet, recording may be skipped.
We do not recommend using [Time Lapse Shot] while underwater.
When the recording warning is set to [ON], a warning sound will be emitted. Check this setting is
suitable for the recording environment.
The unit is fixed to the zoom position prior to the start of recording.
We recommend to use a fully charged battery.
In situations that require longer recording time such as when recording in [Starry Sky] of the Scene
Mode or when recording in a dark place, we recommend you use an AC adaptor (optional).
[Time Lapse Shot] will be cancelled partway through in the following cases.
When the charge on the battery runs out
When the number of recordable pictures drops to none
Do not connect the AV cable (optional) or the USB connection cable (supplied) during Time Lapse
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