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Applicable modes:
You can set the recording start time, the recording interval and the number of pictures, and
automatically record subjects such as animals and plants as time elapses.
You can create motion pictures using [Time Lapse Video] in [Playback] menu. (P111)
Set the date and time settings in advance. (P25)
It cannot be recorded into the built-in memory. Please use a card.
Set the recording start time/interval/number of pictures
1Press 3/4 to select the item and then press [MENU/SET].
[Time Lapse Shot]
Item Description of settings
[Start Time]
Starts the recording by fully-pressing the shutter button.
[Start Time Set]:
You can set the time to start recording. Any time up to 24 hours
ahead can be set.
Select the start time (hours/minutes) with 2/1, adjust with
3/4, and then press [MENU/SET] to set.
[Shooting Interval]
[Image Count]
Sets the number of pictures to be taken and the recording interval.
Select the item (recording interval/number of pictures to be
taken) with 2/1, adjust with 3/4, and then press [MENU/
SET] to set.
[Shooting Interval]:
You can set the time ranging from 10 seconds to 1 minute in
10-second increments, and from 1 minute to 30 minutes in
1-minute increments.
The setting may be available from a 1-minute interval or 5-minutes
interval depending on the shutter speed.
[Image Count]:
You can set the number of pictures ranging from 10 to 1000 in
10-picture increments.
The user is notified that recording is to start by a warning sound
and flashing AF assist lamp.
There is no warning sound. Also, the AF assist lamp doesn’t flash.
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