- 91 -
Depending on the operating conditions, it may take time to take the next picture if you repeat the
recording of pictures.
It may take time to save pictures taken in Burst Mode on the card. If you take pictures
continuously while saving, the maximum number of recordable pictures decreases. For
continuous shooting, use of a high speed memory card is recommended.
Burst Mode is not cancelled when the camera is turned off.
If you take pictures in Burst Mode with the built-in memory, it will take time to write the picture data.
The Burst Mode cannot be used in the following cases.
[Toy Effect]/[Miniature Effect] (Creative Control Mode)
[Starry Sky] (Scene Mode)
When using [Time Lapse Shot]
When the Self-Timer is used, the number of recordable pictures in Burst Mode is fixed to 3
(5 pictures in [ ]).
The flash setting is fixed to [Œ] (except for [ ]).
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