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Before Use
Handling of the camera
Waterproofing is not guaranteed if the unit is subject to an impact as a result of being hit or dropped
etc. If an impact to the camera occurs, it should be inspected (subject to a fee) by Panasonic to
verify that the waterproofing is still effective.
When the camera is splashed with detergent, soap, hot spring, bath additive, sun oil, sun screen,
chemical, etc., wipe it off immediately.
Waterproof function of the camera is for sea water and fresh water only.
Any malfunction caused by customer misuse, or mishandling will not be covered by the warranty.
The inside of this unit is not waterproof. Water leakage will cause malfunction.
Supplied accessories are not waterproof.
Card and battery are not waterproof. Do not handle with a wet hand. Also, do not insert wet card or
battery into the camera.
Do not leave the camera for a long period of time in places where the temperature is very low (such
as at ski resorts or high altitudes) or where the temperature may exceed 40 ºC (104 oF) (such as
inside cars in strong sunlight, close to a heater, on boats, or on the beach). (Waterproof performance
may become degraded.)
About the [Precautions] demonstration display
([Requirements for Underwater use])
[Precautions] is displayed when this unit is turned on for the first time after purchase, with the side
door completely closed.
Please check beforehand to maintain the waterproof performance.
1Press 2 to select [Yes], and press [MENU/SET].
It will automatically skip to the clock setting screen if [No] is selected before it starts.
2Press 2/1 to select the picture.
It can be forcefully ended by pressing [MENU/SET].
When it is forcefully ended while checking by turning the unit off or pressing [MENU/SET],
[Precautions] is displayed every time this unit is turned on.
3After the final screen (12/12), press [MENU/SET] to finish.
When [MENU/SET] is pressed after the final screen (12/12), [Precautions] is not displayed from
the next time this unit is turned on.
This can also be viewed from [Precautions] (P42) in the [Setup] menu.
2: Return to the previous screen
1: View the next screen
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