- 89 -
Applicable modes:
Contrast and exposure will be adjusted automatically when there is a big difference in
brightness between the background and subject, to bring the image close to real life.
Settings: [ON]/[OFF]
[ ] in the screen turns yellow when [i.Exposure] is in effect.
Even when the [Sensitivity] is set to [100], [Sensitivity] may be set higher than [100] if the picture is
taken with [i.Exposure].
Compensation effect may not be achieved depending on the conditions.
Applicable modes:
Pictures with sharp profile and resolution can be taken by using the Intelligent Resolution
Refer to P53 for information about the Intelligent Zoom.
Applicable modes:
This can enlarge subjects even more than the Optical Zoom, Extra Optical Zoom, or [i.ZOOM].
Settings: [ON]/[OFF]
Refer to P53 for details.
The setting is fixed to [ON] in Macro Zoom Mode.
Settings Description of settings
[ON] [i.Resolution] is activated.
[i.ZOOM] [i.Resolution] is activated, and zoom magnification increased to 2 times
while limiting deterioration of the picture.
[OFF] j
[Digital Zoom]
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