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Applicable modes:
Face Recognition is a function which finds a face resembling a registered face and prioritises
focus and exposure automatically. Even if the person is located towards the back or on the end
of a line in a group photo, the camera can still take a clear picture.
Settings: [ON]/[OFF]/[MEMORY]
The following functions will also work with the Face Recognition
In Recording Mode
Display of corresponding name when camera detects a registered face¢
(if name has been set for the registered face)
In Playback Mode
Display of name and age (if information has been registered)
Selective playback of pictures chosen from pictures registered with Face Recognition ([Category
Selection] in [Filtering Play]).
¢Names of up to 3 people are displayed. Precedence for the names displayed when taking
pictures is determined according to the order of registration.
During the Burst Mode, [Face Recog.] picture information can be attached to only the first picture.
[Face Recog.] does not guarantee secure recognition of a person.
Face Recognition may take more time to select and recognise distinctive facial features than regular
face detection.
Even when Face Recognition information has been registered, pictures taken with [Name] set to
[OFF] will not be categorised by Face Recognition in [Category Selection] ([Filtering Play]).
Even when Face Recognition information is changed (P88), Face Recognition information for
the pictures already taken will not be changed.
For instance, if the name is changed, pictures recorded before the change will not be categorised by
Face Recognition in [Category Selection] ([Filtering Play]).
To change the name information of the pictures taken, perform the [REPLACE] in [Face Rec Edit] (P118).
[Face Recog.] cannot be used in the following cases.
Recording Modes which do not allow setting to [š] of [AF Mode]
When recording motion pictures
[Face Recog.]
[Face Recog.] is initially set to [OFF] on the camera.
[Face Recog.] will turn [ON] automatically when the face image is registered.
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