- 84 -
Setting up [ ] ([AF Tracking])
Align the subject with the AF tracking frame, and then press 4 to
lock onto the subject.
AAF tracking frame
AF area will be displayed in yellow when a subject is recognised, and focus
will automatically adjust continuously following the subject’s movement
(Dynamic tracking).
AF tracking is cancelled when 4 is pressed again.
Dynamic tracking function may not work in the following cases:
When the subject is too small
When the recording location is too dark or bright
When the subject is moving too fast
When the background has the same or similar colour to the subject
When jitter is occurring
When using the zoom
Taking picture underwater
When the lock fails, the AF tracking frame will turn red and then disappear. Press 4 again.
The camera records pictures with [AF Mode] as [Ø] when locked or Dynamic Tracking is not
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