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About [š] ([Face Detection])
The following AF area frames are displayed when the camera detects the
When the shutter button is pressed halfway, the frame turns green when
the camera is focused.
Displayed when more than one face is detected. Other faces that are the same distance away
as the faces within the yellow AF areas are also brought into focus.
Under certain picture-taking conditions including the following cases, the face detection function may
fail to work, making it impossible to detect faces. [AF Mode] is switched to [ ] ([Ø] while motion
pictures are taken).
When the face is not facing the camera
When the face is at an angle
When the face is extremely bright or dark
When there is little contrast on the faces
When the facial features are hidden behind sunglasses, etc.
When the face appears small on the screen
When there is rapid movement
When the subject is not a human being
When the camera is shaking
When Digital Zoom is used
Taking pictures underwater
If the camera is registering something other than someone’s face, change the settings to something
other than [š].
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