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Auto White Balance
Depending on the conditions prevailing when pictures are taken, the pictures may take on a
reddish or bluish tinge. Furthermore, when a multiple number of light sources are being used or
there is nothing with a colour close to white, Auto White Balance may not function properly. In
this case, set the White Balance to a mode other than [AWB].
1 Auto White Balance will work within this range
2 Blue sky
3 Cloudy sky (Rain)
4 Shade
5 Sunlight
6 White fluorescent light
7 Incandescent light bulb
8 Sunrise and sunset
9 Candlelight
KlKelvin Colour Temperature
Set the White Balance value. Use to match the condition when taking photographs.
1Select [Ó] and then press [MENU/SET].
Aim the camera at a sheet of white paper etc. so that the frame in the
centre is filled by the white object only and then press [MENU/SET].
White Balance may not be set when the subject is too bright or too dark.
Set the White Balance again after adjusting to appropriate brightness.
Exit the menu after it is set.
Setting the White Balance manually
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