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Applicable modes:
In sunlight, under incandescent lights or in other such conditions where the colour of white
takes on a reddish or bluish tinge, this item adjusts to the colour of white which is closest to
what is seen by the eye in accordance with the light source.
Under fluorescent lighting, LED lighting fixture etc., the appropriate White Balance will vary
depending on the lighting type, so use [AWB] or [Ó].
The White Balance setting is memorised even if the camera is turned off. (However, the White
Balance setting for a Scene Mode returns to [AWB] when the Scene Mode is changed.)
White Balance is fixed to [AWB] in following cases.
[Scenery]/[Night Portrait]/[Night Scenery]/[Food]/[Sunset]/[Starry Sky] (Scene Mode)
[White Balance]
Settings Description of settings
([Auto White Balance])
Automatic adjustment
When taking pictures outdoors under a clear sky
When taking pictures outdoors under a cloudy sky
When taking pictures outdoors in the shade
When taking pictures under incandescent lights
([White Set])
Value set by using [Ó]
([White Set Setting])
Set manually
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