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Before Use
(Important) About the Waterproof/Dustproof and
Anti-shock Performance of the Camera
This does not guarantee no destruction, no malfunction, or waterproofing in all
¢1 This means that the camera can be used underwater for specified time in specified pressure in
accordance with the handling method established by Panasonic.
¢2 “MIL-STD 810F Method 516.5-Shock” is the test method standard of the U.S. Defense
Department, which specifies performing drop tests from a height of 122 cm (4 feet), at
26 orientations (8 corners, 12 ridges, 6 faces) using 5 sets of devices, and passing the
26 orientation drops within 5 devices. (If failure occurs during the test, a new set is used to pass
the drop orientation test within a total of 5 devices)
Panasonic’s test method is based on the above “MIL-STD 810F Method 516.5-Shock”. However,
the drop height was changed from 122 cm (4 feet) to 150 cm (5 feet) dropping onto 3 cm
(0.1 feet) thick plyboard. This drop test was passed.
(Disregarding appearance change such as loss of paint or distortion of the part where drop impact
is applied.)
Waterproof/Dustproof Performance
This camera’s waterproof/dustproof rating complies with the “IPX8” and “IP6X”
ratings. Provided the care and maintenance guidelines described in this document
are strictly followed, this camera can operate underwater, to a depth not exceeding
8 m (26 feet) for a time not exceeding 60 minutes. (¢1)
Anti-shock Performance
This camera also complies with “MIL-STD 810F Method 516.5-Shock”. The camera
has cleared a drop test from a height of 1.5 m (5 feet) onto 3 cm (0.1 feet) thick
plywood. In most cases this camera should not sustain any damage if dropped from a
height not exceeding 1.5 m (5 feet). (¢2)
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