- 79 -
Applicable modes:
This allows the Sensitivity to light (ISO sensitivity) to be set. Setting to a higher figure enables
pictures to be taken even in dark places without the resulting pictures coming out dark.
For the focus range of flash when [ ] is set, refer to P57.
The ISO sensitivity is automatically set under the following conditions.
When recording motion pictures
When [Burst] in the [Rec] menu is set to [ ] or [ ]
Settings Description of settings
[] ([i.ISO])
The ISO sensitivity is adjusted according to the movement of the
subject and the brightness.
Maximum [1600]
The shutter speed is not fixed when the shutter button is pressed
halfway. It is continuously changing to match the movement of the
subject until the shutter button is pressed fully.
The ISO sensitivity is fixed to various settings.
Recording location
(recommended) When it is light (outdoors) When it is dark
Shutter speed Slow Fast
Noise Less Increased
Jitter of the subject Increased Less
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