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Using the [Rec] Menu
For details on [Rec] menu settings, refer to P40.
Applicable modes:
Set the number of pixels. The higher the numbers of pixels, the finer the detail of the pictures
will appear even when they are printed onto large sheets.
¢This item cannot be set in the Intelligent Auto Mode.
In specific modes, Extra Optical Zoom cannot be used, and the picture size for [ ] is not displayed.
For details regarding modes in which Extra Optical Zoom cannot be used, refer to P53.
Pictures may appear mosaic depending on the subject and the recording conditions.
[Picture Size]
Settings Picture Size
[] 4608k3456
[] 2560k1920
[] 640k480
[] 4608k3072
[] 4608k2592
[] 3456k3456
X :Aspect ratio of a 4:3 TV
Y :Aspect ratio of a 35 mm film camera
W :Aspect ratio of a high-definition TV, etc.
:Square aspect ratio
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