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Select this when you want to take pictures of a pet such as a dog or a cat.
You can set your pet’s birthday and name.
For information about [Age] or [Name], refer to [Baby1]/[Baby2] on P75.
Select this when you want to take pictures of a sunset view. This allows you to take vivid
pictures of the red colour of the sun.
This mode minimises the jitter of the subjects, and enables you to take pictures of these
subjects in dimly lit rooms.
Picture Size
Select the picture size of 3M (4:3), 2.5M (3:2), 2M (16:9) or 2.5M (1:1).
This mode allows you to take vivid pictures of a starry sky or a dark subject.
Setting the shutter speed
Select a shutter speed of [15 sec.], [30 sec.] or [60 sec.].
Press the shutter button fully to display the countdown screen. Do not move the camera after this
screen is displayed. When countdown finishes, [Please wait...] is displayed for the same length of
time as the set shutter speed for signal processing.
Technique for Starry Sky Mode
The shutter opens for 15, 30 or 60 seconds. Be sure to use a tripod. We also recommend taking
pictures with the self-timer.
Objects in the distance are prioritised for focus.
This mode is ideal for taking pictures of scenery and other landscapes through clear glass,
such as in vehicles or buildings.
The camera may focus on the glass if it is dirty or has dust on it.
The pictures taken may not look natural if the glass is coloured. When this happens, change the
white balance settings. (P80)
[High Sens.]
[Starry Sky]
[Glass Through]
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