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Technique for Panorama Shot Mode
The zoom position is fixed to Wide.
The focus, white balance, and exposure are fixed at the optimum values for the first picture. As a
result, if the focus or brightness changes substantially during recording, the entire panorama picture
may not be recorded at the suitable focus or brightness.
White Balance is fixed to [AWB] while an image effect is applied.
When multiple pictures are combined to create a single panorama picture, the subject may appear
distorted or the connection points may be noticeable in some cases.
The number of recording pixels in the horizontal and vertical directions of the panorama picture
varies depending on the recording direction and the number of combined pictures. The maximum
number of pixels is shown below.
A panorama picture may not be able to be created, or the pictures may not be combined properly
when recording the following subjects or under the recording conditions below.
Subjects with a single, uniform colour or repetitive pattern (such as the sky or a beach)
Moving subjects (person, pet, car, waves, flowers blowing in the breeze, etc.)
Subjects where the colour or patterns change in a short time (such as an image appearing on a
Dark places
Locations with flickering light sources such as fluorescent lights or candles
About playback
¢1 If you have filtered images for playback by using [Slide Show] (P99)
or [Filtering Play] (P101), the
selection screen appears. Press 3/4 to select [Play Panorama], and then press [MENU/SET].
¢2 You can perform frame-by-frame forward/rewind by pressing 1/2 during a pause.
AMove the camera in the recording direction
without shaking it. If the camera shakes too
much, pictures may not be able to be
recorded, or the recorded panorama picture
may become narrower (smaller).
BMove the camera towards the edge of the
range you wish to record. (The edge of the
range will not be recorded in the last frame)
Recording direction Horizontal Resolution Vertical Resolution
Horizontal 3200 pixels 720 pixels
Vertical 960 pixels 3200 pixels
3Start panorama playback¢1/Pause¢2
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