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Before Use
When inner side of the lens is fogged (condensation)
It is not a malfunction or failure of the camera. It may be caused
by the environment in which the camera is used.
What to do when inner side of the lens is fogged
Turn this unit off and open the side door in a place with constant ambient
temperature, away from high temperatures, humidity, sand and dust. The
fog will disappear naturally in 10 minutes to 2 hours with the side door open when the temperature of
the camera gets close to the ambient temperature.
Contact Panasonic if the fogging does not disappear.
Conditions in which inner side of the lens may be fogged
Condensation may occur and the inner side of the lens may be fogged when the camera is
used in areas that undergo a significant change in temperature or in high humidity, such as the
When the camera is used underwater suddenly after being on a hot beach etc.
When the camera is moved to a warm area from a cold area, such as at a ski resort or at high
When the side door is opened in a high-humidity environment
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