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This mode is optimal for taking pictures at depths of 3 m (10 feet) to 8 m (26 feet).
You can use [Color Reproduction] (P95) in the [Rec] menu and take pictures underwater
without losing the red tinge.
¢This camera has a waterproof/dustproof function equivalent to “IP68”. It is possible to take
pictures in 8 m (26 feet) depth for 60 minutes.
Fixing the focus underwater (AF Lock)
You can fix the focus before taking a picture with AF lock. This is useful if you want to take
pictures of a fast moving subject etc.
1Aim the AF area at the subject.
2Press 2 to fix the focus.
The AF lock icon appears when the subject is focused.
Press 2 again to cancel AF lock.
When you press the zoom button, the AF lock is cancelled. In this case, focus on the subject
and fix the focus again.
You cannot set to AF lock when [AF Mode] is set to [ ].
To beautifully record the underwater red tinge (Underwater colour reproduction)
Subjects appear blue in pictures taken underwater. Using [Color Reproduction] in the [Rec]
menu will allow pictures to be taken without the subjects losing their red tone.
1Select [Color Reproduction] in the [Rec] menu.
2Press 3/4 to select the effect, and then press [MENU/SET].
You can select the effect of [HIGH], [MEDIUM], [LOW], or [OFF].
Ichikawa Soft Laboratory has studied colour loss in water based on the results of measurements of a
large number of colour samples actually conducted in the ocean, and has developed “Natural Light
Technology” to reproduce vivid, accurate colours based on ongoing research into colour
reproduction of pictures taken underwater.¢
[Color Reproduction] in the [Rec] menu and [Color Reproduction] under [Retouch] in the [Playback]
menu make use of this technology.
¢“Natural Light Technology” is the technology behind “SILKYPIX Marine Photography”, Ichikawa
Soft Laboratory’s digital reproduction software designed for underwater pictures.
To prevent water leakage, make sure that there are no foreign objects, such as sand, hair, dust, etc.,
clamped and close the side door all the way until it clicks. Also, read (Important) About the
Waterproof/Dustproof and Anti-shock Performance of the Camera (P8) before using the camera.
Dip the camera in fresh water in a shallow container for 10 minutes or less after using it, then wipe
the water off with dry soft cloth. (P11)
If there is a substantial amount of matter in the water, set flash to [Œ].
[Color Reproduction] is initially set to [LOW] on the camera.
Depending on the recording conditions or environment, the way the effect of [Color Reproduction] is
applied may vary.
[Advanced Underwater]
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