- 66 -
This effect blurs peripheral areas to give the impression of a diorama.
This effect leaves one selected colour to emphasise impressiveness.
[Miniature Effect]
Display of the recording screen will be delayed more than usual and the
screen will look as if frames are being dropped.
No sound is recorded in motion pictures.
Approximately 1/8 of the time period is recorded. (If you record for
8 minutes, the resulting motion picture recording will be approximately
1 minute long.)
The displayed available recording time is approximately 8 times. When
switching to Recording Mode, please check the available recording time.
When taking pictures of a large size, the screen may turn black after taking
the picture because of signal processing. This is not a malfunction.
[One Point Color]
Set the colour to leave in
1Fit the colour you want to leave in the
frame at the centre of the screen, and
then press [MENU/SET].
If you press [DISP.], you will return to step 1.
2Check the colour you have set, and then
press [MENU/SET].
The set colour is memorised even if the
camera is turned off. In that case, the
operation starts from step 2.
Depending on the subject, the set colour may not
be left in.
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