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Compensating the Exposure
Applicable modes:
Use this function when you cannot achieve appropriate exposure due to the difference in
brightness between the subject and the background.
Press 3 [È] until [Exposure] appears.
EV is an abbreviation of [Exposure Value], a unit indicating the amount of exposure. The EV
changes with the aperture value or the shutter speed.
The set exposure value is memorised even if the camera is turned off.
The compensation range of the exposure will be limited depending on the brightness of the subject.
You cannot use the Exposure Compensation in following condition.
[Starry Sky] (Scene Mode)
Underexposed Properly exposed Overexposed
Compensate the exposure
towards positive.
Compensate the exposure
towards negative.
Press 2/1 to compensate the exposure and then press
The exposure compensation value appears on the screen.
Select [0 EV] to return to the original exposure.
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