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Before Use
Care of the camera
Handling of the camera (to prevent water leakage and malfunction)
Foreign objects may adhere to the inner side of the side door (around the
rubber seal or connecting terminals) when the side door is opened or
closed in places with sand or dust etc. This may result in the impairment
of the waterproof performance if the side door is closed with foreign
objects adhered. Be extremely careful since it may result in malfunction
In case foreign objects adhere to the inner side of the side door, wipe
them off with a dry, lint-free cloth.
If any liquid such as water droplets is adhered to the camera or inner side
of the side door, wipe off with a soft dry cloth. Do not open or close the
side door near the water, when underwater, using wet hands, or when the
camera is wet. It may cause water leakage.
Do not apply strong shock or vibration by dropping or knocking the
camera. Also, do not apply strong pressure to the camera.
Sit down with the camera in your trousers pocket or forcefully insert it into a
full or tight bag, etc.
Attach any items such as accessories to the strap attached to the camera.
When strong pressure is applied using the camera at a depth exceeding 8 m (26 feet).
Waterproof performance may be impaired.
Lens or LCD monitor may be damaged.
It may cause malfunction in the performance or the function.
Please be sure to read (Important) About the Waterproof/Dustproof and Anti-shock
Performance of the Camera (P8) before using this unit underwater to prevent the unit from
being mishandled, which may cause water to seep in.
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