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Taking Close-up Pictures ([AF Macro]/[Macro Zoom])
Applicable modes:
This mode allows you to take close-up pictures of a subject, e.g. when taking pictures of
Press 4 [#].
Press 3/4 to select the item and then press [MENU/SET].
We recommend using a tripod and the Self-timer.
We recommend setting the flash to [Œ] when you take pictures at close range.
If the distance between the camera and the subject is beyond the focus range of the camera, the
picture may not be properly focused even if the focus indication lights.
When a subject is close to the camera, the effective focus range is significantly narrowed. Therefore,
if the distance between the camera and the subject is changed after focusing on the subject, it may
become difficult to focus on it again.
Macro Mode gives priority to a subject close to the camera. Therefore, if the distance between the
camera and the subject is far, it takes longer to focus on it.
When you take pictures at close range, the resolution of the periphery of the picture may decrease
slightly. This is not a malfunction.
[ ] cannot be set in the following cases.
[Toy Effect]/[Miniature Effect] (Creative Control Mode)
When [AF Mode] is set to [ ]
When [Burst] is set to [ ] or [ ]
Item Description of settings
([AF Macro])
You can take pictures of a subject as close as 5 cm (0.16 feet)
from the lens by pressing the zoom button upmost to Wide (1k).
([Macro Zoom])
Use this setting to get close to the subject and then further
enlarge when taking the picture.
You can take a picture with the Digital Zoom up to 3k while
maintaining the distance to the subject for the extreme Wide
position [5 cm (0.16 feet)].
The image quality is poorer than during normal recording.
Zoom range will be displayed in blue. (digital zoom range)
[OFF] j
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