- 52 -
Using the Zoom
Applicable modes:
You can zoom in to make people and objects appear closer or zoom out to record landscapes
in wide angle.
Screen display
Example of display when Extra Optical Zoom (EZ), Intelligent Zoom and Digital Zoom are used
When using the Zoom function, an estimate of the focus range will appear in conjunction
with the zoom display bar. (Example: 0.5 m (1.6 ft.) –)
Zooms in without deteriorating the image quality.
Maximum magnification: 4k
To make subjects appear further away use (Wide)
Press [W] of the zoom button.
To make subjects appear closer use (Tele)
Press [T] of the zoom button.
AExtra Optical Zoom indication
BOptical Zoom range
CIntelligent Zoom range
DDigital Zoom range
EZoom magnification (approximation)
Optical Zoom
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