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Use a battery with sufficient battery power or the AC adaptor (optional) when formatting. Do not turn
the camera off during formatting.
If a card has been inserted, only the card is formatted. To format the built-in memory, remove the
If the card has been formatted on a PC or other equipment, format it on the camera again.
It may take longer to format the built-in memory than the card.
If the card cannot be formatted, please try another card before contacting Panasonic.
If you set a different language by mistake, select [~] from the menu icons to set the desired
The Stabiliser function is switched between [On] and [Off] every time [MENU/SET] is pressed.
[Stabilizer Demo.] is an approximation.
[Format] The built-in memory or card is formatted. Formatting irretrievably
deletes all the data so check the data carefully before formatting.
~ [Language] Set the language displayed on the screen.
[Stabilizer Demo.]
Displays the amount of jitter the camera has detected.
AAmount of jitter
BAmount of jitter after correction
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