- 49 -
This will work when the AV cable (optional) is connected.
Refer to P37 for information about how to play back pictures.
When you play back pictures on a PC, they cannot be displayed in the rotated direction unless the
OS or software is compatible with Exif. Exif is a file format for still pictures which allows recording
information etc. to be added. It was established by “JEITA (Japan Electronics and Information
Technology Industries Association)”.
It may not be possible to rotate pictures that have been recorded with other equipment.
Pictures are not rotated during Multi Playback.
| [Output]
Set to match the colour television system in each country or the type of
[|] ([Video Out]):
Video output is set to NTSC system.
Video output is set to PAL system.
[ ] ([TV Aspect]):
When connecting to a 16:9 screen TV.
When connecting to a 4:3 screen TV.
M [Rotate Disp.]
This mode allows you to display pictures vertically if they were
recorded holding the camera vertically.
[] ([On]):
Rotate pictures on a TV and the LCD monitor so that they are
displayed vertically.
[] ([External Only]):
Pictures are displayed vertically by rotating when played back on TV.
[Version Disp.] It is possible to check which version of firmware is on the camera.
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