- 48 -
[Auto Review] is activated regardless of its setting in the following cases.
When using Auto Bracket
When using [Burst]
The Auto Review function is fixed to [2 SEC.] in the following case.
Intelligent Auto Mode
[Auto Review] does not work in the following cases.
When using [Time Lapse Shot]
When recording motion pictures.
The folder number is updated and the file number starts from 0001.
A folder number between 100 and 999 can be assigned.
When the folder number reaches 999, the number cannot be reset. We recommend formatting the
card (P50) after saving the data on a PC or elsewhere.
To reset the folder number to 100, format the built-in memory or the card first and then use this
function to reset the file number.
A reset screen for the folder number will then appear. Select [Yes] to reset the folder number.
When the [Rec] menu settings are reset during recording, the operation that resets the lens is also
performed at the same time. You will hear the sound of the lens operating but this is normal and not
indicative of malfunctioning.
When the [Rec] menu settings are reset, data registered with [Face Recog.] will be also reset.
When [Setup] menu settings are reset, the following settings are also reset.
The birthday and name settings for [Baby1]/[Baby2] and [Pet] in Scene Mode.
The [Travel Date] setting. (Departure date, return date, destination)
The [World Time] setting.
The folder number and the clock setting are not changed.
o [Auto Review]
Set the length of time that the picture is displayed after taking the still
The pictures are displayed until one of the buttons is pressed.
v [No.Reset] Reset the file number of the next recording to 0001.
w [Reset] The [Rec] or [Setup] menu settings are reset to the initial settings.
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