- 47 -
Maximum illuminating range of the LED light is 50 cm (1.6 feet).
The life of battery will decrease when the LED light is turned on constantly.
In locations where the use of light is prohibited, set to [ ].
It is fixed to [ ] in the following cases.
[Advanced Underwater]
[Panorama Shot]
[Baby1]/[Baby2] (Scene Mode)
It is not available in Playback Mode.
[Auto Power Off] is set to [5MIN. ] in the Intelligent Auto Mode.
[Auto Power Off] does not work in the following cases.
When using the AC adaptor
When connecting to a PC or a printer
When using [Time Lapse Shot]
When recording or playing back motion pictures
During a Slide Show
[LED Light]
This will illuminate the subject with a lamp when taking motion pictures
in dark surrounding.
Also, the LED can also be used as a simple light when necessary.
[] ([On]):
LED light A is turned on continuously while
recording motion pictures.
[] ([Off]):
To use a simple light
If you set to [ ], and press and hold down 1 () on the recording
standby screen, the LED light will come on for 60 seconds. The LED
light can be conveniently used as a simple light when you wish to
illuminate your immediate surroundings in a dark location.
To turn off the light at any time, press [ ].
p [Auto Power Off]
The camera is automatically turned off if the camera has not been
used for the time selected on the setting.
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