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When you take pictures with the flash or in dark places, the histogram is displayed in orange
because the recorded picture and the histogram do not match each other.
The histogram is an approximation in Recording Mode.
The Histogram of a picture may not match in the Recording Mode and the Playback Mode.
The Histogram displayed in this camera does not match Histograms displayed by picture editing
software used in PCs etc.
Histograms are not displayed in the following cases.
Intelligent Auto Mode
Multi Playback
Recording motion pictures
Playback Zoom
Motion picture recording area display is only an approximation.
Recording area display may disappear when zooming to Tele depending on the picture size setting.
It will be fixed to [OFF] during the Intelligent Auto Mode.
This allows you to set either to display or not display the histogram.
A Histogram is a graph that displays brightness along
the horizontal axis (black to white) and the number of
pixels at each brightness level on the vertical axis.
It allows you to easily check a picture’s exposure.
[Video Rec Area]
Angle of view for motion picture recording can be checked.
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