- 45 -
High Angle Mode is also cancelled if you turn the camera off or [Auto Power Off] is activated.
The brightness of the pictures displayed on the LCD monitor is increased so some subjects may
appear different from real life on the LCD monitor. However, this does not affect the recorded
The LCD monitor automatically returns to normal brightness if no operations are preformed for
30 seconds when recording in [Power Monitor]. Press any button to make the LCD monitor bright
When [Monitor Luminance] is set, the usage time is reduced.
When you align the subject on the horizontal and vertical guidelines or the cross point of these lines,
you can take pictures with well-designed composition by viewing the size, the slope and the balance
of the subject.
The [Pattern] setting is fixed to [ ] in the Intelligent Auto Mode.
The guideline is not displayed in the [Panorama Shot].
[Monitor Luminance]
These menu settings make it easier to see the LCD monitor when you
are in bright places or when you are holding the camera high above
your head.
[] ([Auto Power Monitor])¢:
The brightness is adjusted automatically depending on how bright it is
around the camera.
[] ([Power Monitor]):
The LCD monitor becomes brighter and easier to see even when
taking pictures outdoors.
[Å] ([High Angle])¢:
The LCD monitor is easier to see when taking pictures with the camera
held high above your head.
¢Can be set only during Recording Mode.
[Guide Line]
Set the pattern of the guidelines displayed when taking pictures. You
can also set whether or not to have the recording information
displayed when the guidelines are displayed. (P51)
[Rec. Info.]:
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