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About the Setup Menu
For details on how to select the [Setup] menu settings, refer to P40.
[Clock Set], [Auto Power Off] and [Auto Review] are important items. Check their settings before
using them.
In Intelligent Auto Mode, only [Clock Set], [World Time], [Beep]¢, [LED Light], [Language],
[Stabilizer Demo.] can be set.
¢Available settings are different from other Recording Modes.
Refer to P9 for details.
Refer to P25 for details.
Press 3 if you are using Summer Time [ ]. (The time will move forward by 1 hour.) Press 3
once more to return to the normal time.
If you cannot find the travel destination in the areas displayed on the screen, set by the time
difference from the home area.
[Precautions] To maintain waterproof performance, display the things you need to
check before use.
U [Clock Set] Setting Date/Time.
[World Time]
Set the time in your home area and travel destination.
You can display the local times at the travel destinations and record
them on the pictures you take.
After selecting [Destination] or [Home], press 2/1 to select an
area, and press [MENU/SET] to set.
Set [Home] first thing after purchasing. [Destination] can be set after
setting up [Home].
Travel destination area
ACurrent time of the destination area
BTime difference from home area
Your home area
CCurrent time
DTime difference from GMT (Greenwich
Mean Time)
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