- 41 -
Close the menu
Press [ ] until the screen returns to the
recording/playback screen or press the shutter
button half-way.
There are functions that cannot be set or used depending on the modes or menu settings being
used on the camera due to the specifications.
By using the Quick Menu, some of the menu settings can be easily found.
The features that can be adjusted using Quick Menu are determined by the mode or a display style
the camera is in.
Press 3/4 to select the menu item and then
press [MENU/SET].
AMenu screen page
It will switch to the next page when you reach the bottom.
(It will also switch by pressing the zoom button)
Press 3/4 to select the setting and then press
Depending on the menu item, its setting may not appear or it
may be displayed in a different way.
Using the Quick Menu
Press [Q.MENU] when recording.
Press 3/4/2/1 to select the menu item and the setting
and then press [MENU/SET] to close the menu.
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