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Setting the Menu
The camera comes with menus that allow you to choose the settings for taking pictures and
playing them back just as you like and menus that enable you to have more fun with the
camera and use it more easily.
In particular, the [Setup] menu contains some important settings relating to the camera’s clock
and power. Check the settings of this menu before proceeding to use the camera.
Example: In the [Rec] menu, change [AF Mode] from [Ø] ([1-Area]) to [š] ([Face Detection])
Press [MENU/SET].
Setting menu items
Press 2/1 to select menu and then press
Menu Description of settings
[Rec] (P78 to 97)
(Recording Mode only)
The menu lets you set the Colouring, Sensitivity or Number of
pixels, etc. of pictures you are recording.
[Motion Picture] (P98)
(Recording Mode only)
This menu lets you set the setting for motion pictures such as
recording quality.
[Playback] (P108 to 119)
(Playback Mode only)
This menu lets you set the Protection, Cropping or Print
Settings, etc. of recorded pictures.
[Setup] (P42 to 50)
This menu lets you perform the clock settings, beep tone
settings and other settings which make it easier for you to
operate the camera.
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