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Deleting Pictures
Once deleted, pictures cannot be recovered.
Pictures on the built-in memory or the card that are being played back will be deleted.
Pictures that are not in the DCF standard or those that are protected cannot be deleted.
Select the picture to be deleted, and
then press [ ].
Confirmation screen is displayed.
Picture is deleted by selecting [Yes].
The picture group taken in [Time Lapse Shot] (pictures with the [ ] icon) will be treated as a single
picture. Deleting the picture group will delete all pictures in the group. (P94)
Do not turn the camera off while deleting. Use a battery with sufficient battery power or the AC
adaptor (optional).
Depending on the number of pictures to be deleted, it may take some time to delete them.
To delete a single picture
To delete multiple pictures (up to 100) or all the pictures
Press [ ].
Press 3/4 to select [Delete Multi] or [Delete All] and then press
[Delete All] > Confirmation screen is displayed.
Pictures are deleted by selecting [Yes].
It is possible to delete all pictures except the ones set as favourite when [All
Delete Except Favorite] is selected with the [Delete All] set.
(When [Delete Multi] is selected) Press
to select the picture, and then press [DISP.] to set.
(Repeat this step.)
[ ] appears on the selected pictures. If [DISP.] is pressed
again, the setting is cancelled.
(When [Delete Multi] is selected) Press [MENU/SET].
Confirmation screen is displayed. Pictures are deleted by selecting [Yes].
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