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If you turn on the camera by pressing and holding [(], playback starts automatically.
This camera complies with the DCF standard “Design rule for Camera File system” established by
JEITA “Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association” and with Exif
“Exchangeable Image File Format”. Files that do not comply with the DCF standard cannot be
played back.
Images recorded with other camera may not be able to play back on this unit.
This unit was designed to play motion pictures using the MP4 and QuickTime Motion JPEG formats.
When using a high capacity card, it is possible that fast rewinding may be slower than usual.
To play back the motion pictures recorded by this unit on a PC, use the “PHOTOfunSTUDIO
software on the CD-ROM (supplied).
Be careful not to block the speaker of the camera during playback.
Press [W] of the zoom button.
1 screen>12 screens>30 screens>Calendar screen display
ANumber of the selected picture and the total number of recorded
Press [T] of the zoom button to return to the previous screen.
Pictures displayed using [ ] cannot be played back.
To return to normal playback
Press 3/4/2/1 to select a picture and then press [MENU/SET].
Displaying Multiple Screens (Multi Playback)
Using the Playback Zoom
Press [T] of the zoom button.
When you press [W] of the zoom button after enlarging the picture,
the magnification becomes lower.
When you change the magnification, the zoom position indication
B appears for about 2 seconds, and the position of the enlarged
section can be moved by pressing 3/4/2/1.
The more a picture is enlarged, the more its quality deteriorates.
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